Queer Pagan Publications

I’m providing this page as a resource to the community. In order to be listed, your online publication, journal, blog, podcast, video channel, or website needs to somehow relate to being a Queer Pagan. If you’re not listed here and would like to be, please contact me through my contact page or Facebook page.

Online Magazine / Journals

For Queer Pagans

A cyberzine for Queer Pagan Men reporting on Queer Pagan men’s retreats and gatherings, various topics of interest to Queer Pagan men, and featuring poetry and art submitted by readers.  Published twice yearly in January and June.

Covers topics such as, but not limited to, Everything Pagan, Other Religions, Politics, Paranormal, Metaphysics, Myths & Lore, Other-Worlds, Current and World Events, Hot Topics, LGBT Issues, Education and every other present-day subject that, well, matters.
Promotes the study of the role of Gay men, queer sexualities and gender variation and orientation in the evolution, psychology, sociology, and practice of spirituality, ritual, and religion.


For Queer Pagans

A podcast for Queer Pagan men.

Discusses the teachings and techniques given to us by the Ancestors of Men Who Love Men, and laid out by their late founder Hyperion.  We also discus topics and ideas pertaining to queer pagan men in general.

Witches Betwixt is a collective of queer witches representing a wide variety of magical practices and spiritual paths. We release a 45+ minute episode bi-weekly in which we discuss various topics relevant to the experience of a queer witch.


For Queer Pagans
Blog by a gay, Pagan, polytheist who lives in Chicago.
A supplement to the Discovering the Male Mysteries Podcast for gay and bi Pagan men.
A blog by Phil Hine to discuss interests including Tantra, Queer Theory, Gender, History, and Occult Practice.
Based in Harrisburg, PA the community is forming in order to create a space where queers and their advocates can explore spirituality of all sorts and have a safe space to share among like-minded independent individuals.
A place for LGBT witches, spiritualists, pagans, and others for discussion.

Video Channels

For Queer Pagans
I’m Alexian, a teacher and healer. I manifest my life’s work through music and craft. I empower my students so they can live a life filled with music, magick, and purpose. YouTube channel features Pagan chants and signature songs like “Cool to be a witch.”