Providing a voice and community for Queer Pagan Men

Listen to episodes of my podcast that focuses on topics of interest to Queer Pagan men.

Mysterious Ways 8 Cover

A cyberzine for Queer Pagan men published online twice yearly in January and June. 

The Gay Guy's Guide to Werewolves book cover

Buy my book.  I’m hoping to publish additional books in the future.

BBTB Retreat 2018

A spring retreat for Pagan men of all backgrounds, paths, and orientations.  
Alternates between in-person retreat in Virginia Beach, VA and online virtual retreats.

A fall retreat for Queer Pagan men and our allies.  Alternates between in-person retreat at various campgrounds in Virginia and online virtual retreats.

Links to other retreats and gatherings for Pagan Men and Queer Pagan men.

About Mel

Mel Mystery is host of the Discovering the Male Mysteries Podcast for Queer Pagan men, Publisher of the Mysterious Ways Cyberzine for Queer Pagan Men, and event planner for the Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men’s Retreat and the Arcadia Queer Pagan Men’s Retreat. Mel is author of the book “The Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts” which he hopes to turn into a trilogy. He is also working on a couple other books for future publication. Mel sometimes presents classes and workshops. These have included topics such as Druidry, Men’s Rites of Passage, and Werewolves. Mel has followed a Druid path since 2001.
Mel Mystery

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