Mysterious Ways, Winter / Spring 2022

In this Issue

Theme: Charting Our Own Paths

  • Retreats and Gatherings
  • From Across the Pond: Charting Rough Seas by John Pead
  • Pao Cacete and Penis Shaped Bread in Portugal by John Pead
  • Honoring our Unique Needs as Queer Pagan Men
  • Queer Paganism: Embracing Your Magic by Casey Giovinco
  • Gay Gods: Freyr
  • What unique events are available for Pagan men who love men?
  • What makes a Queer spiritual path?
  • Profile — Arthur Evans: Pioneering Author and Activist
  • Book Review: Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture
  • Return to the Dark Ages?
  • Poetry and Art

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