The following are groups and events that I am directly involved in.  If you would like to be involved either as a participant or as a planner, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Be sure to put the name of the group in the subject heading.

Arcadia Camp Out / Brotherhood of Arcadia

The Arcadia Camp Out is a relatively new event for Queer Pagan Men.  We do not feel we have enough of a following yet to call our event a "gathering."  Our event has taken place at Bear Creek Lake State Park, Arcadia Sanctuary, and First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, and will likely move around to various locations within Virginia until we can decide on a permanent home for the retreat.   Most camp outs include workshops, discussions, rituals, and social activities.  As the event grows, we hope to start bringing in guest presenters.

The event is envisioned to fill a need for camping gatherings for Queer Pagan men in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

We would definitely welcome additional retreat planners to our planning committee to help this grow into a full-fledged gathering.

In conjunction with the retreat itself. we are hoping to create a Brotherhood of Queer Pagan men involved in the retreat.  Right now the group is very loose and informal, but we would like to grow the group both to help put together the retreat, and also to provide a social and spiritual group for Queer Pagan men in Virginia and in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

Arcadia web page --

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Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat/ Bog Brothers

Brotherhood by the Bog is a retreat for Pagan men of all paths, orientations, and backgrounds.  We typically hold our retreats at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Often we hold the retreats in the cabins, but sometimes we opt for tent camping instead.  Sometimes we have a dedicated guest presenter for the weekend and other times members and attendees host workshops related to a chosen theme for the weekend.

With the arrival of the Covid pandemic, we opted for virtual online retreats.  As life is getting more or less back to "normal," we are still considering keeping the virtual retreat in some form as well as a physical in-person retreat.  In person retreats are nice for bonding, virtual retreats allow folks who are not able to travel to Virginia to attend.

The "Bog Brothers" is our loose group of retreat planners and attendees.  Anyone who has attended at least one of our retreats is considered a "Bog Brother."

Brotherhood by the Bog web page --

Brotherhood by the Bog Facebook group --

Knights of the Silver Moon

This is a concept group I'm considering starting at some point in the future.  This would be a group for queer men into shapeshifting and animal totems.  I have ideas, but with all my other involvements and projects, it isn't a high priority at the moment.  Still, if there were other people interested in such a group (especially folks that could get together for in-person events in or near Virginia), I'd be up for the getting it going.  I feel this would be a very niche interest, so it might have to start out as an online group as those interested might be dispersed geographically.

Order of the Stone Circle

This is a fraternal Druid organization I was involved with in the past.  It is now mostly defunct, but I have considered resurrecting the group.  I've been working up ideas to include materials specific to LGBTQ Druids, as well as the possibility of hosting online lessons and rituals.  As with the Knights of the Silver Moon group, I have nothing to announce at the moment related to the Order of the Stone Circle.