I may be available to present workshops or activities at your event.  I have an incredibly busy schedule these days, but with enough advance notice I may be able to fit your event in.

Generally, I don't ask for much to present workshops or coordinate activities.  If it's an event I wasn't originally planning to attend, I just ask for a comp on admission and a place to stay while I'm there.  If I was already planning to be there, go ahead and ask.  Generally, I just like the opportunity to promote my podcast and possibly sell my books and photography.

I may also be available and interested in showing my photography at art shows and fairs. Most of my photography is beefcake photography involving hot guys in swimsuits or athletic gear, but I do have a few with mythology and folklore themes.  I hope to expand my mythology and folklore photography in the future.

I live in Norfolk, Virginia so the further away, the less likely I'll be able to attend or present. 

Topics I'm comfortable presenting on include:

I usually do better and am more comfortable presenting smaller group workshops than speaking for large crowds.

Some past events I've presented at include:

Marscon, January 2018

I presented three workshops at this Sci-Fi / Fantasy convention:

A Midsummer Men's Retreat, June 2016

I presented a workshop titled: Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and Liminal Bodies.

Werewolves and other shapeshifters are liminal creatures. They are both human and wild beasts. They often live at the outskirts of human society and may be either outcasts or a part of secret religious and warrior cults. Werewolves are typically masculine beings, but they are ruled by feminine lunar forces. Werewolves are also metaphors for liminal times like adolescence and liminal people such as LGBT folks and shamans.

Coph Nia 2015Coph Nia: A Spiritual Gathering for Gay and Bisexual Pagan Men, August 2015

I presented a workshop titled: LGBT Werewolves in Mythology, Folklore, and Popular Culture.

This workshop highlighted the major themes of gender variation and sexuality among werewolves and other shapeshifters in the mythology and folklore of selected cultures including ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Norse, and Native American. Additionally, the portrayal of LGBT werewolves in modern popular culture was be discussed.

Coph Nia: A Spiritual Gathering for Gay and Bisexual Pagan Men, August 2014

I was a featured presenter this year. 

I presented three workshops:

1) An Overview of Rites of Passage

An overview of rites of passage and why they are important; categories and types of rites (including rites of separation, transition, incorporation, purification, and fertility rites); the components of and symbolism in rites of passage.

2) A Conversation of Rites of Passage for Gay and Bisexual Men

A guided discussion on rites of passage in the lives of gay and bi men. Questions were posed such as: What times or occurrences in the lives of gay and bi men constitute the need for a rite of passage? How are these experiences similar or different to those of exclusively straight men? Do we have our own unique rites of passage? If so, what are they and what names should we give these rites?

3) Create a Rite of Passage

Mel provided a brief overview of rites of passage performed while part of a Pagan men's group, how they were planned, and how they tap into the creative and artistic process.  Participants were given the opportunity to plan rites of passage based on given scenarios.

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