The Discovering the Male Mysteries Podcast and Blog

I started this in 2007 as I did not see many podcasts that combined both LGBT and Pagan topics. Over the years, I have done podcasts on topics including gay and bisexual deities, gay clone culture, mentorship, gay men who are over the traditional gay scene, gay and bi men’s rites of passage, rainbows, unicorns, and gay werewolves.

As I have a lot on my plate these days with writing, community projects, personal projects, and just life itself, I am currently producing only a couple of podcast episodes a year. A while back someone told me that this actually makes my podcasts all the more special and something to look forward to. There are so many podcasts that are produced weekly or even daily and are filled with fluff. When my podcasts come out, I’ve put effort into researching and thinking out my topics.

I also have a blog. I post there more frequently than podcasts, but I still only post when I have something to say. My blog is located at:

Podcasts are available on the main page of this site, through Podbean, and on iTunes.


Werewolf BookThe Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts, Book 1: Werewolves in History, Myths, and Folklore

This book starts with an overview of werewolf lore and then traces the histories and mythologies of LGBT werewolves and shapeshifting through a number of cultures. Topics include homosexual initiations and practices among shapeshifting warrior bands, the links between homosexuality and werewolves in mythology and folklore, gender-shifting, animal-human hybrids, shape-shifting and homosexuality in shamanistic practices, and so on.

This first book in my werewolf series was completed in June 2016.  You can purchase the book through my Lulu store.

The Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts, Book 2: A Practical Guide to Wolf Packs and Shapeshifting

This next book in the series will start by linking homosexuality and werewolves as metaphors and talk about real life wolves and wolves as power animals.  Later chapters will give modern LGBT “werewolves” the tools to create their own “wolf packs”, celebrate wolf related holidays, and enact their own werewolf rituals and ceremonies.

I have started to write this book, but progress has gone slowly as I juggle other projects and priorities.

The Gay Guy’s Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts, Book 3

The main focus of this book will be LGBT werewolves in popular culture including film, television, music, and books.

Gay and Bi Men’s Rites of Passage (I might come up with a better title between now and then)

I originally started this book first and put it aside to write the “gay werewolf book” thinking that surely a book on the history and mythology of gay werewolves would be really short and that I’d knock it out in no time. Little did I know that the book on gay werewolves I thought would be lucky to hit 100 pages would actually turn into a three book series. I will resume the gay and bi men’s rites of passage book once I complete the gay werewolf book series.

Community Projects

Olympus Campground Resort

One of my long term goals has been to create an LGBTQ and Pagan-friendly campground.  The campground would host regular events and gatherings, and also be open for general camping excursions.  At this point, I have come up with a business plan and a website detailing my idea.  My next big step will involve buying some acreage in the country.  I expect I'll need a minimum of 8-10 acres, but feel a bit more would be justified. 

In the meantime, I have been involve with hosting a regular Pagan men's retreat (Brotherhood by the Bog) in my local area.

I plan to start a Queer men specific gathering (Arcadia Gathering) starting in the Fall of 2019.

These gatherings (and others) will eventually move to my campground when it is established.

Community Involvements

Hampton Roads Pagan Men’s group

This is a very informal group of Pagan men in my local area who have events on a monthly basis. We are also planning to resume holding annual men’s retreats that were originally held by our predecessor Pagan men’s groups. Membership is open to all Pagan and Pagan-friendly men regardless of path, background, or orientation. While our target audience is Pagan men, we will not turn away anyone (male, female, transgender, etc.) who sincerely wants to attend or participate in events.

Brotherhood of Arcadia

The Brotherhood of Arcadia (BOA) is a spiritual organization created from the fusion of Hellenist and Pagan beliefs and practices with an emphasis on queer and sexuality positive beliefs, practices, and deities. BOA membership is open to men-who-love-men regardless of whatever personal labels one chooses, and who are also over the age of 18.  No one – male, female, or trans person – who feels called to join will be turned away.  We believe that Hellenism and Paganism are living spiritual practices that can change and grow.  Our beliefs and practices are not strictly reconstructionist, but are instead a reimagining of Greek spirituality for queer men living in modern times.  BOA is highly individualistic. In addition to creating real-world chapters, BOA will be charged with hosting and planning the annual Arcadia Gathering for Gay and Bi Pagan and Hellenistic Men. 

Order of the Stone Circle

This fraternal Druidic Order was mainly active in the late 1990s through the mid-2000s. It is largely defunct at this point, but I still serve on the Council for this group. There is a manual on the website for any who wish to create their own local chapters. The open-source nature of this group makes it highly adaptable, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start an LGBT / LGBT-friendly Druid chapter in their local area. It is my hope that one day the organization will grow again.


I started doing photography as a hobby in the early 2000s. I would find cute guys interested in making money and would hire them to model for me in swimsuits at local beaches. I later expanded into other areas including some athletic, mythology, and even a few adult related photos, but the majority of my photos are hot guys in swimsuits at the beach. In recent years, I’ve been working to turn my hobby into more of a business.  I sell prints, subscriptions to my photography site, and some of my adult stuff is available for sale on some clip and image download sites. I’m hoping to turn this into a more steady source of income in the future and I’m hoping to do photography on a more regular basis than I have in recent years.

You can visit my photography website at:

There are links there to take you to my adult oriented material if you are interested.

Personal Projects

My House

I purchased a house in 2012. The house was built in the late 1940s and I have a number of projects I’m working on – in addition to regular maintenance and repairs. I often have socials at my house including gatherings around the fire bowl in my back yard.

In January 2016, my Mom sold the house and land that had been in our family for 34 years. My sister and I had always been promised the land would someday be ours, and neither of us wanted it to sell.  Neither myself nor my sister could afford to buy everything, and our Mom was so intent on selling I don' t think it would have mattered. There was an adjacent lot to the lot where our home was.  As a compromise, I was willing to buy that for what it was worth, but our Mom wouldn't compromise.  It may seem silly to some folks, but I have a great emotional attachment to the place and intend to get it all back someday, even if it means I have to move back there.  I've been wanting to move back to a more rural area anyway. It's a beautiful place near a lake and off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.  I am currently looking into my job options there and am getting my current house ready to sell.  I have talked to the current owner, and it appears he may be negotiable about selling the place back to me.  I do fear that buying this will affect some of my other projects and goals - notably my goal to start an LGBTQ and Pagan-friendly campground. 

My cars

Back in the 1980s, one of my favorite television shows was Knight Rider. My other favorite show was Doctor Who. I was a Doctor Who fan before it was cool! Knight Rider involved a computerized, talking, spy car named KITT and his driver, Michael Knight, who fought crime. In my teenage years, I was able to convince my Dad to buy a 1984 Firebird (the Trans Am base model with fewer options. KITT was a 1982 Trans Am) and I bonded with my Dad making this car look like the one from the show. Later I was able to find folks selling replica parts in car magazines and eventually online. In the mid-1990s, I replaced this car with a 1982 Trans Am with all the right options. Just out of college and never making a great paycheck, I never got the car where I wanted it and I eventually had to take the car off the road due to some engine problems no one was ever able to figure out.

In 2008, Knight Rider was remade for a short lived television remake that featured a Mustang as an updated version of KITT and the car was driven by Michael Knight’s son (played by Justin Bruening – hubba, hubba). In an ironic twist of fate, I inherited a 2005 Mustang when my Dad passed away in 2009. I have since devoted myself to making this car like the one on the show (with some artistic license).

I still have the Trans Am too and am slowly working to restore it as I have the spare time and spare money to do so.