Mel MysteryMel Mystery is the host of the Discovering the Male Mysteries podcast for gay and bisexual Pagan men. Topics discussed on the show have included gay and bisexual deities, gay clone culture, mentorship, gay men who are over the traditional gay scene, gay and bi men’s rites of passage, rainbows, unicorns, and gay werewolves. Mel is in the process of turning some of his show material and research into books and e-books – notably his continuing research into gay and bi men’s rites of passage. Mel also dabbles in photography, and while most of his photography falls into the male beefcake genre, he has done some sets related to mythology and folklore and hopes to do more of these sets in the future.

Mel spent his college years in the early 1990s as an activist in his college’s gay and lesbian student union. He was instrumental in making many positive changes on his campus for the LGBT cause. At one point his life was even threatened and his car was vandalized. At this time, he also served on the board of his local LGBT pride organization which organized summer and winter pride festivals. After graduating, Mel briefly canvassed for the Human Rights Campaign and also volunteered for a short time at his city’s AIDS organization. Mel wrote a handful of freelance articles for his area’s LGBT paper in the late 1990s. In the early 2000s, he wrote a few freelance articles for his local Pagan paper.

Mel had always felt drawn to the Pagan and New Age sections at the bookstores, and became more serious in his interest around 1999. In 2001, Mel became involved in a nearby Pagan men’s group and a fraternal / revivalist Druid organization (both original groups have since dispersed). As part of these groups, Mel, along with his compatriots, was involved in planning and orchestrating rites of passage, initiations, seasonal rituals, workshops, and annual spring men’s retreats at a nearby campground.

Mel considers himself an eclectic seeker who is always learning and who has much yet to learn. He has a special interest in fraternal Druidry, Norse Paganism, classical Hellenism, and finding the threads of homosexuality, bisexuality, and phallicism in mythology and folklore. Mel also has an abnormal obsession with elves, werewolves, and brightly colored foods and drinks.  Mel is single, and is an advocate for polyamory, free love, and alternative relationship structures.  Even so, Mel is highly selective of who he dates or gets close to.