In this episode, I talk about using music in your magick spells, rituals, and other works.  I discuss creating a magickal playlist and what types of music you might want to include. There is also a segment on the Greek Goddess of male-male love – Aphrodite Urania.


Listen below or check out the Mel Mystery Podbean page or f


Songs featured include: Music (Madonna), Venus (Bananarama), and We are a Circle (Pagan chant).

Web links:

Arcadia Gathering --

Brotherhood by the Bog --

Stone and Stang –

Between the Worlds –

This episode is about the magickal land of Arcadia in ancient Greece, its theme as a metaphor for a homosexual utopia among 19th century homosexual men, and it being the name for a new gathering for gay and bi Pagan men on the East Coast.

The rustic, wooded land of Arcadia was home to Greek gods such as Zeus, Hermes, and Pan, as well as satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, and other magickal creatures.  The “gay god” segment of this episode will focus on the Greek god Pan.

The Arcadia gathering is scheduled to take place October 9-12, 2019 in Cumberland, Virginia.


Web links:

Arcadia Gathering, Virginia

Between the Worlds Gathering, Ohio

Stone and Stang Gathering, California


This is a continuation of the “conspiracy” episode.  Part one came out in January.  In this episode, I’ll be talking more about the Web Bot and possible biases in the algorithm.  I’ll be exploring why conspiracy theorists are so obsessed with pedophilia.  And I’ll be explaining my own system for evaluating conspiracy theories.

Music and Sound Clips: Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell), I’ve Got a Theory (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), 2001 A Space Oddessey, Knight Rider, Bewitched, The Muppet, and Scooby Doo


Web links related to this episode:

Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat

Arcadia Gathering for Gay and Bi Pagan Men

Clif High's Web Bot Website

Why Your AI might be racist

Yes Artificial Intelligence is Racist

Artificial Intelligence is Racist, sexist

Crying Pedophilia is the Oldest Propaganda Trick

Atrocity Propaganda

-- January 2019

Today's episode is all about conspiracy theories -- why we love them, some of the more popular theories, and how right-wing conservatives are a hotbed of conspiracy theories during the Trump presidency.  We'll also explore my friend David's wild "conspiracy" theories about North Dakota.

Part 2 will be coming out soon!

Music and Sound Clips:  X-files theme, King of the Hill, and Gravity Falls.

Web links related to this episode:

Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat

Arcadia Gathering for Gay and Bi Pagan Men

Between the Worlds Gathering for Gay and Bi Pagan Men

Clif High's Web Bot Website

-- June 2018

This episode includes segments on Pagan and magickal superhero archetypes, LGBT superheroes including characters and actors, "research" into naughty superhero sites, and why do villains so often have gay voices and mannerisms.

Songs and sound clips include: Holding Out for a Hero, the Smallville theme, and clips from Spiderman, Batman, and others.

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-- October 2017

Review of my visit to the Between the Worlds Gathering for Queer Pagan Men the week of September 11-15, 2017.

Sound clips from Buffy and Bewitched.

Drumming music from the Between the Worlds last night drum circle.


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Between the Worlds Gathering --

My campground resort project page --

Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat --

Mel's Bookstore -

Marscon -


- April 2017

Retreats and Gatherings including the Hero's Adventure, Querent, and Between the Worlds - The Gay Guy's Guide to Werewolves book - LGBTQ Werewolf Workshop at Marscon - Mel's Photography - Alternatives HR website -- Activism - Groups including the New Order of Chaeronea and the Order of the Stone Circle - Mel's big project - Personal updates

Music Clips include: 9-to-5 - Do the Werebear - Green Acres

Links related to this show:

My campground resort project page --

Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat --

New Brotherhood by the Bog Pagan Men's Retreat --

Querent -

Between the Worlds Gathering --

Mel's Bookstore -

Marscon -

Mel's Photography site -

Alternatives HR -

New Order of Chaeronea -

Order of the Stone Circle -


As promised, here's a photo of my new cat - Mr. Merlin:

Mr. Merlin
Mr. Merlin

- September 2016

Personal News - Alternatives to Traditional Heteronormative Relationships for Gay and Bi Men including living together, civil unions, serial monogamy, casual monogamy, casual non-monogamy, open relationships, open marriages, triads, polyamory, swinging, platonic relationships, Bromances, Boston marriages, BDSM liifestyles, intergenerational relationships, long-distance and Living Apart Together relationships, hiring escorts, and being happily single - Fairy Fact: The Order of Chaeronea

Music Clips include: Living in Sin, The House that Built Me, The Polyamory Song, and Triad


The Gay Guys Guide to Werewolves and Other Man Beasts --

The Hero's Adventure: Pagan Men's Weekend, March 10-12, 2017 in Virginia Beach, Virginia  --

Querent: A Queer Spirituality Conference, April 14-17, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio --

The Order of Chaeronea --


- October 2015

News - Review of 50 Shades of Grey movie - Is Traditional Marriage over-hyped? - Biblical Marriage is not what you think - 50 Shades of Historical Marriage

Music Clips include: Going to the Chapel, Single Ladies, and the Discovery Channel Song


- Spring 2015

Personal Names - Family Names - Nicknames - Craft and Magickal Names - True Names - Group Names relating to our Sexual Identity - Gay, Androphile, Queer, Uranian, etc. - Names relating to our Spiritual Path - Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Warlock, etc. - The Names we call others - Creepy - News Update

Music clips include: The Name Game, Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Christmas is Creepy, and Medieval Minstral Music


Coph Nia -





Witches and Wiccans