Brotherhood of the Phoenix - A neo-pagan order for Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender men who love men. We celebrate the Spirit of the Divine within and build community with men who seek positive transformation of self, community, and the world.  Together we work to weave the magick that changes lives.

Cern'osia -- An eclectic neo-pagan faith which focuses exclusively on the veneration and worship of the Celtic Horned God, Cernunnos.  Although it could be adapted by anyone who worships the Horned One, it was designed primarily with the needs of a solitary pagan man in mind.

Ecclesia Antinoi -- Devoted to the worship of Antinous the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian.  Antinous was deified after his death and is worshiped by modern practitioners as a god of gay spritituality, youth, and beauty.

Gay Druid Brotherhood -- An international network for homosexual and bisexual men on the Druidic and Keltic inspired pagan paths.

Green Faerie Grove -- A brotherhood of queer men in Columbus, Ohio.

The Minoan Brotherhood -- A men's initiatory tradition of the Craft celebrating Life, Men Loving Men, and Magic in a primarily Cretan context, also including some Aegean and Ancient Near Eastern mythology.

New Order of Chaeronea -- A  reimagining of the Order of Chaeronea for modern times based to some extent on the ideals of the original Order and ancient Greek culture and religion which is history's best example of a culture and religion that accepted and embraced homosexuality and bisexuality.

Order of the Stone Circle -- A fraternal / revivalist Druid order.  While not exclusively LGBT, it is very affirming and accepting of LGBT folks and many of its members are gay and bi men.

Ordo Aeternus Vovin -- Primarily a spiritual and religious order for gay and bisexual men seeking to gain greater fulfillment from their lives through the practice of self-reflection and self-mastery. Our spiritual methods are grounded in a unique system of Queer spirituality based on the philosophy of Thelema, ceremonial magick, and meditation.  Our mythos is grounded in Sumerian mythology and revolves around the twin goddesses Inanna and Ereshkigal, the god Gugulanna (also known as the Bull of Heaven) and the androgynous god Kugarra.

Radical Faeries -- Generally we are gay men who look for a spiritual dimension to our sexuality.  Many of us are healers of one kind or another.  Our shared values include feminism, respect for the Earth, and individual responsibility rather than hierarchy.  Many of us are Pagan (nature-based religion).


Arcadia -- An East Cost Gathering for Queer Pagan Men and our Friends.  The inaugural gathering will be held in the Fall of 2019 in or near Virginia.

Between the Worlds -- A spiritual gathering for men who love men.  Held in September at Wisteria campground in Southern Ohio.

Brotherhood by the Bog - A focused weekend event for Pagan and Pagan-friendly men.  Event usually takes place in March at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.  Mel Mystery is on the planning board for this event.

Gay Spirit Visions -- Hosts three gatherings a year (Spring, Fall, and Winter) at the Mountain Retreat and Learning Center in Highlands, NC.

Stone and Stang -- A spiritual gathering for men who love men. Takes place in October in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.