The Brotherhood of Arcadia (BOA) is a spiritual organization created from the fusion of Hellenist and Pagan beliefs and practices with an emphasis on queer and sexuality positive beliefs, practices, and deities. BOA membership is open to men-who-love-men regardless of whatever personal labels one chooses, and who are also over the age of 18.  No one – male, female, or trans person – who feels called to join will be turned away.  We believe that Hellenism and Paganism are living spiritual practices that can change and grow.  Our beliefs and practices are not strictly reconstructionist, but are instead a reimagining of Greek spirituality for queer men living in modern times.  BOA is highly individualistic. 

BOA is expected to be a real-world organization, hopefully with chapters across the U.S.  As a real world organization, we have no immediate plans to start an online discussion board.  When we do, membership to such a discussion board will be restricted to folks who have become actual members.*** 

One of the main charges of BOA will be to host an annual East Coast / Mid-Atlantic gathering for gay and bi Pagan men.  The first gathering is expected to take place at a Central Virginia campground in late September or early October 2019.  For additional details and updates, please visit:

In addition to workshops, activities, and rituals of general interest to gay and bi Pagan men, the Arcadia Gathering will also present opportunities for folks who are interested in joining BOA or helping to plan our annual gathering.

More information on the Brotherhood of Arcadia will be available at the Arcadia Gathering in the Fall, and more information will be added to this website as we get closer to the gathering.


***  The Brotherhood of Arcadia replaces the New Order of Chaeronea.  Our experience with the New Order of Chaeronea online discussion board proved that opening the discussion board to the LGBTQ public at large was a bad idea on a number of fronts - largely due to huge differences in spiritual, intellectual, and sexual ideologies among those who requested to join. 

For a number of reasons it was also decided that it would be better to start a new original group than to reinvent a 19th Century gay fraternal organization, no matter how noble the cause of that organization was.  Reasons included the discussion board concerns already mentioned, as well as the ability to trademark a new organization to protect the name and intellectual property of that organization.